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Our Collaboration With the Digital Marketplace as a Design Studio: Thoughts on MasterBundles

Greetings from Marigold Studios! We’re a small creative studio based in Pretoria, South Africa, which opened in 2012. We craft brand designs and promote stories for clients all across the globe.

We are passionate about promoting your business and showcasing all of you. On MasterBundles we find such clients and help them craft a dream visual identity. Marigold studio is very thankful to MasterBundles and their reasonable vendor cut policy! Before we get into details about our collaboration, here's a little more about the marketplace.

What is MasterBundles?

MasterBundles is a digital platform, a creative art space. Arguably the best place to buy and sell design deals and bundles. MasterBundles has everything you might need, including fonts, templates, photos, and graphics. Not just simple designs but a wide variety of creative and eye-catching elements.

Why Choose MasterBundles?

  1. Best products are found much faster. MasterBundles takes the hustle off you when searching for the best product. There is no need to go to various sites because MasterBundles not just offers the best ones but provides reviews and lists of products from other sites for comparison.

  2. Refund policies. It’s not possible to return digital products, however, MasterBundles offers a refund policy to ensure you, as a buyer, have a buying good experience. There are certain conditions under which you can receive a refund. These include product description discrepancies, product defects, and problems with product delivery.

Pros of MasterBundles

  1. 24/7 customer support. The support team can resolve any issues you meet along the way. The excellent moderators will support you on any product design.

  2. Simple product upload. With a Sell Your Deal form, you can add new products to your vendor page.

  3. Quick money transfers. Money withdrawals start from just an amount of $50 on your account. The process is simple, just send an email requesting a withdrawal.

Cons of Masterbundles

  1. Commission fees. Selling on MasterBundles is not without a commission, however, it’s lower compared to other marketplaces.

  2. Moderation. Mandatory screenings can withhold the product from getting uploaded. If a product doesn't violate the terms and conditions, in a few hours it gets uploaded to the marketplace.

  3. Huge competition. It can be a stimulus or bring you down. As more and more products get uploaded to the market your brand name can get lost. A tip is to earn high reviews which will bring you up in the list of products.

Our Collaboration With MasterBundles

With great love for creating designs and helping people with branding our studio decided to promote our products on more marketplaces. That's when we found MasterBundles and were truly surprised by their vendor's cut. MasterBundles is one of the marketplaces that offer a 50% vendor cut, which is perfect for small businesses.

Speaking of the marketplace, product uploading is super easy. It takes just a few steps to upload a new product using the Sell Your Deal form. You just fill out a form and start making money from sales. Here are just a few of our works that you can find at the MarigoldStudios store that we uploaded using the form:

The golden theme social pack is an elegant and stylish pack perfect for fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists.

Soiree is a graceful and modern social media pack, use it to promote your posts, sales, and events.

Inspired by geometric and art deco designs, the pack contains seamless pattern designs with unlimited possibilities for your designs.

The grid for Canva and PowerPoint is a stylish and elegant collection of Instagram posts and stories to assist you in promoting your business.

This realtor marketing bundle gives clients all the information, saves you a lot of time, and introduces you as a professional, leading estate realtor in the industry.

The Airbnb vacation rental guide is a gorgeous welcome booklet for your guests with everything they need to know. It's super easy to edit and add your own info, colors, text, and images.

This real estate social media template comes pre-packed with precious information for your new sellers and buyers. Simply change any colors, fonts, images, and details needed.

Build an additional revenue stream for your creative business! MasterBundles is a perfect marketplace to start out, as it offers excellent customer support, great policies, and room for growth!


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