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How to Add a Foil Effect in Photoshop

Foiling is a huge trend that is currently sweeping the design world. Sparkly icons, text, and designs can be seen on beautiful websites and logos.

The effect is super easy to achieve and makes everything look a bit more expensive and luxurious. So follow our how to guide and dazzle your audience with beautiful silver, gold, rose gold, or copper textures.


Setup a new document in Photoshop. Because I'm setting this on up for web, I'm using 72 ppi, 1 200 px x 1 200 px:


Create your design! Whether it is text, a shape or a combination, create anything that you like. We created the submark for our fictions client, Katniss Everdeen (design is part of our Logo & Icon Pack available here).


Once your design is done it's time to add the sparkle! Choose the texture that you would like to clip to the shape. We've chosen our golden texture that you can download for free here.

Place the texture pdf/jpeg/png above the design element. Resize if needed to cover the entire design similar to the example below:


Ensure the texture is right above the layer that you want it to clip to. If you have a few elements, like ours below, make duplicates of the texture layer and place it right each individual layer. Duplicate the layer by right clicking on the texture layer and select duplicate from the options.

The layers panel should look similar to the example below:


To create the mask, right click on the Gold Foil (or your chose texture) layer and select "Create Clipping Mask" from the drop down menu. Repeat this step to clip each texture to the element below:



If you would like an even more realistic foiled look you can add the following effects to the element layer. (These will depend on the document size but add a little bit more realism to the design, play around to see what you like best :)

Double click the design layer name (text/icon/shape) and apply the following in the Layer Style Panel:

Remember to apply these to each design element layer.


Add your final touches. Add background color if you like or ,If you'd would like a transparent background, simply disable the background layer visibility and you are ready to save your design.


Like this tutorial? Let us know your thoughts below or share a link to what you created. We love seeing your designs.


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