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How To Add A Foil Effect In InDesign

A few weeks ago we covered tutorials on how to add a foil effect in Photoshop or Illustrator and since then we have received a few request for a tutorial on how to add a foil effect in InDesign.

So, for those who's choice of design weapon is InDesign, the following is a detailed tutorial on how to add a texture, or image if you prefer, to a shape, text or other element in InDesign.

Let's get that design sparkling shall we?


First things first. We need to setup a document. You can pick any size based on the project that you have in mind, or you can skip to step 3 if you already have a design ready.

I'm creating the blog post title so I setup the document with the following details:


Create your design. Whether it is text, a shape or a combination, create anything that you like. Our design is below. The text in pink is where we will be placing the foil effect.


There is one major difference between creating a foil effect in InDesign on text instead of using Photoshop or Illustrator, fonts have to be outlined. Illustrator & Photoshop allows text to still be editable but InDesign only allows for shapes to include clipping masks.

In order to outline the text, select the text hat you want to add the foil clipping mask to. In the top Menu bar select "Type". On the drop down menu select "Create Outline". Your Text is now ready for the mask :)


Time to add the sparkle! Choose the texture that you would like to clip to the shape or outlined text. We've chosen our golden texture that you can download for free here.

Place the texture in the document by either dragging from the destination into InDesign or select "File" and from the drop down menu, "Place".

Your document should now look something like the preview below:


Ensure the texture covers the entire section where you wish to place the foil. Now hit Control + X on PC, or Command + X for Mac, to cut. Select your shape / outlined text and right- click. From the drop down Menu select "Place Into". PS. You can repeat the "Place in Place" step to place the texture into all elements you want foiled.



If you would like an even more realistic foiled look you can add the following effects.

Select the foil elements. Head to the top menu bar. Select "Object", "Effects" and then "Inner Shadow". I would suggest playing around for awhile with this and then seeing what works best with your design but the following are my settings:


Like this tutorial? Let us know your thoughts below or share a link to what you created. We love seeing your designs.

PS. The gorgeous background texture we used is courtesy of Anugraha Design. You can purchase this beautiful textured pattern designs here:


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